Horses, Parades and Insurance!

Horse insurance, farm insurance,homeowners insurance. What do these have in common. Maybe they have nothing in common. Did you know that some insurance policies exclude equine activities off premises and specifically name parades. Not all policies exclude parades but if you are going to ride in a parade please check it out. Find out what the parade rules are and check with your agent to verify you have the coverage you need. I could offer some tips about preparing your horse for a parade, but I am not a real horse person. That would be my wife and she would tell you to expose your horse to situations that would simulate the activity around a parade. An educated horse is a safer horse. Parades now require walkers with horse drawn units to prevent accidents and horses running amuck along a parade route. Myself, I have had the pleasure of being the walker several times. It is nice to know that horses are still able to be part of our parades and that there steps being taken to protect parade goers as well as participants. So enjoy the parade but check out that insurance policy first.


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