I just bought the most beautiful Diamond !

Well not really but We have been asked about a lot of rings lately. One of the mis-conceptions is that homeowners insurance provides all the coverage for the ring you may need. Well only maybe. Homeowners coverage has limits on jewelry as low as $1500 per item with a max of $2500 total. This can cover a lot of small items but if you like jewelry it might not be enough.

Here are a few examples of the value of scheduling your items on your policy. Advantage number one is that by scheduling the item the stone is covered. Why is that special you may ask. It covers the loss of the stone, homeowners doesn't. If the stone comes out of the setting and is lost, the insurer will replace the stone.

Number two is the loss of the ring. Homeowners cover the rings if they are stolen but what happens if the ring is taken off and just isn't there when you go to look for it. Not covered, a disappearance by unkonwn causes is not covered. By putting the ring on a schedule you gain the protection of just either misplacing or having the ring disappear from a known place. Imagine taking your ring off to wash your hands and forgetting to put it back on and upon realizing that going back to the sink and its not there. It has happened before.

Number three has to do with ear rings. Yes homeowners covers them but not for the loss of one of a pair. Scheduled jewelry covers pairs and if one is lost they will replace the lost item so you once again have two ear rings. We have insured ear rings for thousands of dollars and it would be awful to have one dis appear and not be able to replace it.

Jewelry is very personal and a lot of it has very sentimental value. We  can not replace the sentiment but we can put you whole if something happens to that important item. Insurers require either a receipt or an appraisal to add the coverage but it is a small thing to get the ring covered the way it deserves.

Give us a call and find out what we can do to protect that valuable item of yours. We  are glad to be of service at 805-238-1818


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