Is your Home Fire Safe?

All the fires in the news! What are the odds of your home being saved? A lot of it is up to you. Talking with a fire fighter he brutal opinion is that if there is not a defensible space around your home it is a not going to be protected. So what is a defensible space? It is the area around your house where the brush and dry grass have been removed for at least 100  feet from the house. Trees have been trimmed back from the house and do not overhang the roof especially if the roof is combustible. The driveway must be clear of weeds and brush so that there is a safe entrance and egress for the fire fighters. Its pretty simple if they can't get in safely they are not going to try. Also if your house can be saved they will put in the effort, but if it is not cleared they will go on to the next house where they can be successful.

I have seen several fires where it was not possible to save all the homes, but given the opportunity and helpful winds most get saved. Our fire fighters do a great job, one which we sometimes take fro granted. My goal at my house is to always give them the biggest opportunity to succeed. The dry grass is mowed , the brush has been cleared and the space around the house is either hardscape or watered vegetation.

Cal Fire has a library of publications on their website. These give many more ideas on protecting your property. Visit them at http://www.calfire.ca.gov/communications/communications_firesafety. With the rain we had this year, there is more grass but the brush is still extremely dry. The fire hazard will remain high until the next years rains. Lets be safe out there.


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