The truth about Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

I had occasion to brush up on this form. An older car with no collision was involved in an accident. The accident was not their fault and that was clear. I was sure of the answer but thought it prudent to make sure. There in black and white my concerns were confirmed.

With respect to coverage for “property damage”,the accident must involve direct physical contact between “your covered auto” and the “uninsured motor vehicle”, and:

1. The owner or operator of the “uninsured motor vehicle” must be identified; or

2. The “uninsured motor vehicle” must be identified by its license number.

Well that was the problem. The other party did not stick around to allow either their information to be gathered or the opportunity to get the license number. Yes it was a hit and run and we don't know any more about it today than we did then. The car was totaled. Unfortunately the car was a great running machine but it had miles on it I could not even believe. The car was unbeatable until the accident.

The interesting part of this claim was that had there been injuries involved they could have potentially have been paid by the uninsured motorist bodily injury form. So why would the property damage not be covered. Well the answer I got was that if you are in an accident you are not going to try to hurt yourself but you might be tempted to claim that some one hit you if a tree happened to get in your way. So I guess the answer is they are keeping the honest folk honest.

This was just something on which you might like to have some clarification. Insurance policies vary from company to company but this seems to be standard language. If you have questions give me a call and I will be happy to go over more auto insurance questions. I can be reached at 805-238-1818. Thanks for reading!


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