Cheap Fire Insurance

Cheap fire insurance, you bet. Its June 1 and its either the beginning of fire season or its already  here. What is this cheap fire insurance. The cheapest thing you can do to protect your home is to make sure all the perimeter has a defensible space. Do you live on a hill? Make sure that you have cleared the brush and the weeds from the downhill side at least 300 feet. Fire burns much hotter going up slope and can create its own wind to make it move faster. If there is a fire, the fire department will have a much better chance to save your home if it is defensible. They have a better chance to succeed and it is safer for them. The clear space should have the natural vegitation trimmed back, grasses cut down to the ground and trees should have been trimmed so the limbs don't hang down too low. Another thing to check are your eaves. Are they in good condition. Is there a place for embers to fly into and start a burn on your roof. If your roofing is rounded tile, are there fire blocks in place. A small amount of attention here could pay great dividends in event of a wild fire. But I live in the city  you might say. Have you looked at your trees and shrubs? Are they away from the house so that if a fire starts next door it doesn't transition to your house. The same idea stands. If you make it harder for the fire to get to you, you have a better chance of success. Here is hoping for a safe fire season and a wonderful summer


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