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Do you have employees? They are all trust worthy of course, but what if one of them isn't. How can you protect yourself and your business. Employee Dishonesty Bonds can do just that. You can protect your business and your customers from loss incurred by dishonest acts of your employees. You can cover yourself against acts by all employees both full and part time. As you can imagine an employee theft can deliver a striking blow against a small business. Small companies can be especially hard hit by theft and embezzlement because they usually don't have extensive safeguards and are not large enough to absorb the losses. A winery might have an employee who pockets the tasting fees or uses a customers credit card fraudulently. A small business might have a bookkeeper who takes thousands over several months that goes undetected. A service may have employees that go into a home and take things from their customer. A little bit of peace of mind could be had with an employee dishonesty bond. Give us a call if this would give you some peace to protect yourself. Call 805-238-1818 and we a Ted Hamm Insurance will get this for you right away.


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