In-Home Child Care Liability

Do you worry about your in home child care business? Most likely not but here are a few thoughts for you to think about,. The standard homeowner's policy form excludes liability coverage for family day care. For those In-Home Child Care businesses it leaves an hole in their protection. Without child care liability, a suit could put the business owners family personal assets at risk. In California, an In-Home Day Care Business is not required to carry liability insurance if EVERY parent signs an " Affidavit Regarding Liability Insurance " that they understand the child  care business does not have liability insurance or a bond. The problem with the affidavit, it is strictly a notification to the parents but it does not prevent the parents from suing in the event of a loss or injury.

Today, there are so many options available to the business, that insurance packages are quite affordable. Most insurance plans feature payment plans so you do not need to pay the premium all at once. You can save some expenses by not having the proper insurance package, but with the right insurance package your business, your family and your assets are protected.

If you are not sure what risk you are exposed to and you want to know what protection will cost give us a call  at 805-238-1818. If you live in the Paso Robles, Atascadero or Templeton areas we will be happy to make a house  call and show you how to protect your business. Give us a call at 238-1818 and we will make an appointment to visit and give a no cost and no obligation assessment. Chris has years of experience in this field and is ready to work with you.


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