Child Care - Accidents Happen

Every one knows that accidents happen. Even under the watchful eye and the best of care children get into accidents. Little people jump, hop and twirl around just being kids. Children do fall down and sometimes normals accidents lead to a bump on the head, a poke in the eye or a split lip. A hug and band-aid usually stop the tears and back to play they go. But what if a parent doesn't see it that way? Why is my child hurt?

Having child care insurance package is critical to protecting your business and your assets. If an allegation is made and you are forced to defend yourself legally who will pay for the attorney? If you have child care business policy, defense costs will be included for:

General Liability: This provides coverage if you are found negligent for an injury

Personal Injury: Provides coverage for libel, slander and invasion of privacy lawsuits

Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability : Provides coverage should your business or an employee be accuse of improper touching, gestures, communication etc. Abuse can also be between children when while under your supervision a child inappropriately touches another.

Product Liability: provides protection for goods and services that you deliver to children like at lunch time. What happens if children get sick from food you served or a child burns their mouth from hot food.

Their are many other coverages available but we have touched on the more imprtant ones. All full list of coverages is available with our assessment of you risk. We will make sure you have the right protection. All of these coverage's can be available as part of a package for a very low rate. Give us a call at 805-238-1818 to our free risk assessment. We will design a package for you


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