Why Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Many of our clients ask about commercial auto insurance and what determine whether they need this important coverage or not. Do you transport any of the children in your care to or from school? Do you take them home or pick them up? How about field trips? Do you travel with the children to the zoo, museum, or park? Do you or your employees use your vehicle for business purposes? If you answer yes to any of these statements even occasionally you should have a commercial auto policy for you vehicle.

Your personal auto policy may not be designed to provide protection for business exposures. If you were in an accident while on business you may not have the right coverage. This could lead to uncovered expenses. Commercial auto policies can cover both business and personal usage but many personal auto policies don't allow business pursuits. Commercial rates in California are fairly comparable to personal rates so price is not a big issue. Don't let a few dollars derail you from having the proper coverage when you need it.Give us a call at 805-238-1818


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