I was robbed, Now What!

Well not recently thank goodness, but yes even safety concerned insurance agents are not immune. I was reading in the paper about a series of break- ins  to local business establishment and homes. Aside from being angry and frustrated over what I know the feeling of violation by the burglar, what else can I do. So I looked back at what I have learned. Here is a checklist of things that needed to happen or might need to happen depending on the nature of the crime.

First things first: make sure that everyone is safe. Stuff can be replaced. If there was someone on site when the theft occurred, make sure they are OK and take a deep breath. Now call 911 and get it reported. Were there any witnesses. Memories disappear quickly so get it on paper what was seen or get it on a voice recorder. Cell phones can do this. Don't touch anything, CSI on TV always finds fingerprints so remember that clues may be hidden in the things you want to straighten up. As soon as possible secure your property. After and even before if you can without disturbing anything make an inventory of missing or damaged property.

If you happen to be outside the country a few extra steps will come into play. You will still need to contact the local police, but you will also need to get in contact with the US Embassy or consulate. A lost or stolen passport can be a real problem and needs to be addressed promptly.

Finally contact your insurance agent, so that a claim can be filed. You will be guided through the process by the office and the adjuster.

There is a real good resource for victims rights. It is the US Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and they produce a fact sheet that covers what you need to know. It deals with your rights, where to get help, and details of state compensation and assistance programs. You con download it here: : http://tinyurl.com/ovc-factsheet

We at Ted Hamm Insurance hope you never have that experience. If you want more information call us at 805-238-1818. We want you to feel safe and secure and know that your insurance program is just right.


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