Child Care Centers And Waiting Lists

Have you thought about you waiting list policy? Maintaining full enrollment is critical to operating your child care business profitably. Keeping enrollment at peak efficiency relies on a well maintained waiting list.

From the largest commercial child care center to the smallest in-home family care business the waiting list is an essential tool. Many of my clients keep lists of potential clients but  a list that is not maintained does not hold its value. It is not reliable and will cost you time and money to find the individuals that have moved on or are no longer interested.

If the list is small you can maintain it periodically by calling the individuals to see if they are still interested. But many centers don't have the time or the staffing to keep up on this task.

I recommend that you create a template with a letter to each person on your waiting list inquiring if they are still interested in remaining on your waiting list. And important let them know where they are on that list. Include a postage paid return card that offers updated information on address and phone number, the children's names and birth dates needing care, proposed schedule requirements and start date requested.

If the family wants to remain on your waiting list they will return the card to you and if they don't they should be removed from the list. The families at the top of your list should be contacted more frequently to determine who is ready to enroll as soon as an opening becomes available.

Now for the uncomfortable part of managing your list: You should charge a small fee to cover your postage and expenses. Make it small enough that you won't receive many objections. There is actually a very good reason for this and it is not just covering you costs. It also separates those who are truly interested in being on your waiting list and those who are not.

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