Opportunities in the Child Care Market

There are many opportunities in the Child Care market by appealing to different niches. Here is an article written by our Child Care Expert, Chris Raders.

In every business, marketing is the practice of differentiating yourself from your competition. Where businesses are in a similar market they try to show differences in service or taste such as Coke verses Pepsi, Ford verses Chevy, Dish TV verses Direct TV, you get the picture.

In child care how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the market? If you are blessed with more children wanting to enroll than you have space or licensing there is no need to examine niche markets. However, if your business is located in an area with fewer children you may need to look at other opportunities within the child care field and that is in niche markets.

A growing segment of the population is parents who work non-traditional schedules including evenings, nights and weekends. During and after the latest recession many parents were forced to take positions that required these alternative hours and that places a great deal of stress in providing care for their children. This is a very under served and fast growing niche in the child care industry. Parents are desperate to find care for their children in these alternative hours and have resorted to extremes to keep their jobs and care for their children. As recently as last week a food processing plant in Idaho was inspected for illegal workers and the government agents discovered to their astonishment that there were children sleeping in vehicles in the parking lot. Parents took turns coming out on their breaks to checks on the children. The article didn’t mention the result of the inspection for illegal workers but noted that the need for child care was necessary for parents legal and illegal.

The issue for care during these non-standard hours is growing in importance because of a number of trends. Long term our economy is changing to service based and has led to businesses opening earlier, staying open later, open on weekends and 24 hours. In just the food and hospitality industry 24 hours service is becoming the norm. Businesses that support the food and hospitality industry also must change their employment hours to meet the needs of their customers. Now apply these changes to manufacturing, trucking and delivery, medical etc and the whole service sector has changed or is in the process of change in the past five years. The traditional sources of child care during the non-standard hours such as grandparents, neighbors or other family members has been reduced as many have had to go back to work or are working second jobs.

Am I advocating that you open 24 hours to grow your business? Not necessarily! I want you to know what the opportunities are and that by just opening early and closing later you can charge more for the service; fill a need in your market and maximize your facility enrollment.

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