Do you have a Protocol for Releasing Children

What do you do to protect the children in your care. Who can pick them up and what safeguards do you have in place.

To protect the children in your care you should have a formal process to release children at the end of their stay. The process should be clearly outlined in your contract and requires the parent or guardian of the child to sign them in and out before leaving. This seems like a lot of work especially if you know the parents or guardian. However, it only takes one misunderstanding to end your career in child care so I highly recommend the log.


You should require parents and guardians to authorize in writing who is allowed to pick up their children. Keep the authorization in your files and require that it be updated yearly. Never accept a telephone authorization and make certain that you clearly indicate this policy in your contract.

In our next blog we will discuss how to handle parents and/or guardians who are going through a divorce or custody arrangement and what to do if you believe releasing a child into the custody of another would present an unsafe situation for the child (example - an intoxicated parent).

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Chris Raders


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