Veterianarians Using Relationship Marketing to Grow Their Business

 This is a very interesting topic. There are so many ways to market yourself and this is just one of them. Believe it or not it is an interesting idea. We don't want to make mistakes but they happen, Its how you handle it afterward that makes all the difference.

How do you communicate with potential clients? Do you get calls from the phone book, through advertisements in the newspaper or on Craig’s List? How about referrals from your best customers? As a student of marketing I am constantly researching how to build better relationships and attract the type of clients that will appreciate the products and service that I provide. I discovered the following article in an insurance blog on trendwatching.com. It comes from an April 2012 Trend Briefing called FLAWSOME: Why brands that behave more humanly including showing their flaws will be awesome.

When I first read the article I have to admit that I was skeptical. Really, if I start advertising my flaws everyone will run away from me but as I continued through the article it pointed out that present day marketing presents products and people that have no weakness flaws or mistakes. I recognized that as a truth and I think we have all met people and have viewed industries and products that are represented to be “perfect”. Do we believe that? The answer according to research is no and here is where Flawsome comes into the picture:

"FLAWSOME: Consumers don't expect brands to be flawless. In fact, consumers will embrace brands that are FLAWSOME: brands that are still brilliant despite having flaws; even being flawed (and being open about it) can be awesome. Brands that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humor, and (dare we say it) some character and humanity."

We are not trained in business to show weakness and flaws. It is just something you’re not supposed to do and yet the very people and products that we trust the most often have flaws. This comes from the fact that we all share many of the same flaws and respect and appreciate that in others. So when you communicate with potential clients don’t be afraid to show flaws that humanize you. Celebrate these differences that make you unique and the clients you are trying to attract will find you! For more information – Google:  flawsome


We will be sharing more next week. For more info Call Ted or Chris at 805-238-1818. Thanks from Ted Hamm Insurance


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