Health Insurance The Tough Question

I get asked questions about health insurance all the time. What is the toughest question. Any question that starts with "What do you think....." An open ended questions on  my feeling about the state of health insurance. What do they really want to know.

Well here goes I think from the listening and reading I have done that at least for the short term health insurance rates are going to go up. How much, I have heard numbers from 50 to 100% depending on what plan you are on now. We are going to know shortly when rates are revealed. What drives this increase will be the increased utilization. Everyone will be able to get health insurance ( something that I thought should have happened decades ago) and those with conditions needing treatment will be able to afford it. A statistic I read a long time ago but it is most likely still about the same. 86% of us do not use our health insurance or at least a very small amount, 10-12% get to their deductible and get back their premiums plus a bit and those 2-4% that have a really bad year use balance of the health dollars. We all pay in with the hope we don't have to use it and our money goes to the insured that needs it.

My wife was on my case about not supporting the health Care Act when it was in congress. I explained, I would take a position if I knew what the act meant and how it read. At the time it was some 900 pages and now its in the multiple thousands of pages as they write the rules as we go. It is still not clear exactly what this is going to look like when it is done but change is a constant so we will hope for the best.

I am concerned about the number of medical professional getting ready to retire and the number that are graduating to take their place. With more of us getting to the golden age and most likely needing more care than before, who is going to be their for us? The number of doctors is not going up.

And then what about the state health exchange. A good deal for those of us that need financial assistance to pay for our premiums. My concern there is that so far as of this date we have not found any doctors in our area that have signed contracts to work with the exchange plans. One carrier is expecting that their doctor network for the exchange is going to be 35% of their regular network.

So as you can see I am still formulating my answer as the facts and information changes daily. We read more from the companies on a regular basis and will be attending training session for the State exchange. We continue to learn what we can, so when you ask " What do you think...." We will have the answer for you.

We are committed to doing the very best job we can. But the flux in the industry has made each new day a challenge. Thanks for taking the time to read this and be sure to ask lots of questions


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