Health Care Update!

Well it is almost time for the start of the health care act. Only a few problems to deal with. Many agents including yours truly have signed up to help with the State exchange process.After pre-registering and  signing up for the exchange we have been unable to get certified. I just got an email today stating the state was trying to get more locations and dates for the certification due to the demand. We will get certified as soon as we are given a slot, but in the meantime we can not discuss the exchange. This leaves us in a fix if this is not finished by Oct 1 when the exchange is to be open for business. We have heard that the area we signed up to get certified  is no looking at a class on Sept 25th.We will move forward at the best speed to be ready for October 1.

Secondly it is unclear what kind of doctor network for the exchange will be in place by October 1st. I am sure it will continue to improve closer to January 1 when the coverage goes into force. It has been said that the re-imbursment for the exchange will not be quite equal to their Medicare payments.

It's a brave new world and it's almost here. We continue to read, study and prepare. I will keep you updated.

 thanks, Ted Hamm


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