Your company name can be a smart marketing tool!

A name that reflects who you are and what your business aspires to be can work very well in helping you connect with and serve potential new clients. An ineffective name can work against you and require you to work harder to reach the same clients

Think carefully about your business name and make your choice based on how the business name will appeal to your market place. Keep the name short, smart and memorable. The name should be easy to remember and easy to find in a search on the internet. A cute name can work for and against you so be careful before going that route. I recommend that you choose several names and then contact 10 people to review the names and recommend their top three. It is always a good idea to see how others feel about the name you are considering using

Before you make your choice permanent check to see if there are any conflicts with other businesses with the same name or closely named. If you are a sole proprietor you would operate as (for example) Sally Smith DBA Bright Kids Daycare. If you are a corporation you would operate under the corporation name but you can still use a DBA like the example above. Before you move forward with your new business name you will need to register the name as a “Fictitious Business Name” with your county government. This is important for several reasons as it will make certain that your name is available for use, that you name is registered legally and gives you credibility with your clients, banks, insurance etc.

You can take your fictitious name one step farther and register the name as a trademark with your State. You’re not required to do so but it is a good idea, the cost is minimal and the protection is substantial should someone else decide to use your registered name. If you have plans to open in multiple states you can register the name in each state and for very few child care businesses you may wish to register your trademark at the federal level.

Hopefully a little insight can go a long way to making your business more effective. Give Chris a call at 805-238-1818 for additional information


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