Childcare Recording Keeping Requirements?

Maintaining records on the children in your care is a very important part of your business. Other forms of record keeping such as financial management including tax reporting is fairly basic however you need to have fairly expansive knowledge of the children in your care and you accomplish that in the interview process, application process and ongoing discussions with the parents or guardians.

Obviously you will set up a file for each child. You will need a comprehensive information form which we will discuss in our next segment. The file should include consent forms, medical information, incident reports, written instructions from the parents and guardians, notes and observations from you and your staff and attendance.

Make certain the files are kept in a secure location where the information remains private. You should update your files regularly and review each child’s information completely at least once per quarter to note any changes that have a meaningful impact on development. You can use the culmination of your note taking to have a strategy in each child’s development and to review with the parents and guardians. Obviously, each childcare business will approach the degree that they perform the review process with each child differently. However, to the degree that you incorporate child development will all depend on the records that you keep and how you maintain the files for each child.

Once again remember this information is private and should be kept in a secure safe location. Call us at 805-238-1818 if you want more information on Federal or State guidelines. Thanks again Chris Raders at your service.


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