Child Care Incident Report

Today is just a short talk about reporting an incident for a child in your care.

 The incident report is the process whereby your child care center notes information on the child in your care when they become sick, injured, behave poorly or any other concern. Keeping good notes is extremely important for the benefit of the child, the parents or guardians and for the well being of your business.

A well crafted incident report will be easy to complete and can be used by your insurance carrier when filing a claim if necessary. Rather than outlining each section of the report form use the basic categories: Who, What, Why and When to outline the incident. The more detail the better. In California you would use the Unusual Incident/Injury Report at http://www.cvrc.org/files/lic624.pdf Make certain that you check with your state licensing provider for required documentation for injuries and other incidents. Teach your staff to complete an incident report and where to keep the documents. Generally, you would make three copies of the report; one copy for the parent or guardian, one copy for your files and one copy for your state licensing administrator.

Here is to hoping you don't need one, but have the proper forms available if necessary.


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