Affordable Health Care Update

 Another week has gone by and we are making headway into the roll out. The websites have become more robust and we can make some better decisions. We understand the roll out is progressing throughout the state.

One note for group insurance, A reminder that new employees after 1/1 have a mandatory shorter time for enrollment. Depending on the carrier the maximum is 60 days with some carriers using a shorter time frame. So keep that in mind when hiring.

We have found that for some people the pre-existing condition elimination is going to be a god send. People that have not been able to get affordable medical insurance because of a health issue are counting the days to January 1st. For some it will be the first time they have had coverage in years. We applaud this and recognize that it will lead to price increases for many of us as insurance is a shared cost. Those who participate put up the money to pay the bills minus the administration costs. We all hope not to have to use the insurance and actually a very small per cent use the majority if the monies

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