No Worries Health Insurance ?

Well we are finally getting the information to make intelligent choices for health insurance. The State coveredca.org  website is working and we are able to help clients enroll. Each time we process an application it gets quicker because we are getting more proficient.

We are still concerned about some of the increases for families that we have seen. Many of them have been able to go through the exchange to get help. It limits the choices but makes it more affordable . We have also experienced the leaving of the market place of insurers. Those insurers leaving the area have left clients with an absolute Dec 15 drop dead date. If the new application is not in by 12/15 coverage will not take place by January 1 leaving them without insurance.

We have helped several clients that are finally able to get health insurance because of pre-existing conditions at a price they can afford. Regardless of what you think about the program don't wait too long to get informed and make a decision. Remember no matter what you do this year, You can change your mind in the next enrollment period starting in October of 2014.

My only concern now is that as the deadline approaches, there will be more clients wanting answers than we will have time. We will be taking appointments and working late as needed, but we could run out of time. We have several computers set up to be able to take applications. Please don't delay and make your choices soon.


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