Health Insurance 30 days and Counting!!!


I do realize it is 47 days to January 1, 2014, but under the current rules the last day to enroll to have a January effective date is December 15th. This is a problem as the 15th is a Sunday, will there be any available to help those people waiting to the last minute? So maybe I should say 29 days and counting becauuse if we need to we will be here on the Saturday the 14th.

Well enough of the dates. Our president threw out a whole new issue yesterday. He has stated that companies can continue plans that have been cancelled. A couple of minor flaws in making that statement. Companies that have pulled out of the state now have to get approval to move back in. The State department of insurance just approved the application for Anthem Blue Cross so that those applying outside of the exchange can enroll. This had been in the works for months and they knew that open enrollment was to start on Oct 1. So 45 days after enrollment has started they have given Anthem the approval to start selling insurance! Will they act quicker to allow the companies back in?

Another issue is that the plans being cancelled were all up for rate adjustments but they were not worked on because they were going to go away. If the carriers feel their rate is not sustainable will they be able to adjust the rate during the year and if not will they be willing to offer then plan.

So once again we can say that we are on top of it, but we are not sure what it is. All we can do is keep up to date and offer you our best advice at the time. The only thing for sure right now is that more changes are on the horizon, they have to be because this is not fixed yet.

I still see the good points and the bad points of this program. The good is that we have alot of people that were unable to get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions at a rate they had any chance to afford. The bad is the uncertainty, we still don't know what this is going to look like and we only have 30 days to find out.

The good news is that we have set up computer stations so that those wishing to enroll can sit at a desk do their enrollment and get help as they need it. Please if you enrolling don't wait to the last minute, We are experiencing times when it is clear the site has bogged down from the number of people on it.



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