Professional Advice for your Business – Selecting an Insurance Agent

This is a topic that could be under our series of Insurance stinks until you need it! Why a professional insurance agent?Insurance is one of those topics that we all know that we should probably have but not really understand why we need it. We tend to view insurance unfavorably, hate to pay the insurance premiums, don’t really pay attention to the insurance coverage until a claim occurs and then pray to god that the insurance that you have will cover your loss. An insurance agent is one of those people where you buy insurance from but other than that you probably won’t see him or her again.

But what if you worked with someone who was interested in your business and in you and took the time to explain the coverage that you need for your business? Explained how insurance was a tool that you can use to protect the wealth that you create and explained it in a way that made sense to you and you knew exactly what is covered and what is not covered. In addition, this person helped tailor an insurance package that provided the most protection but met your budget financially and then shopped the package with a variety of insurance companies to find the best coverage for the most competitive premium?

In addition, what if this same individual touched base with you throughout the year and offered advice on how to stay safe, reduce the chance of accidents and loss; suggested opportunities to reduce your insurance premiums through safety panels, safety meetings and how to prepare for a claim (which we hope you don’t need to use).

Finally, what if on one of the worst days of your life after a tragedy, accident or a claim from a lawsuit your insurance agent is there for you. Acting as your advocate to help you through the claim process, to explain the steps, provide advice and help you navigate from beginning to the very end? Does that sound too good to be true?

Insurance agents are like most professions; there are good agents, some poor agents and many who are indifferent and just get by. Who do you want providing your professional advice? If you approach buying insurance as I mentioned in the first paragraph your odds are not great in finding the right relationship. And here is the irony in that selection process: there is really no difference in price between a good agent and a poor agent. If that is the case why wouldn’t everyone select the best agent? The reason is apathy; most people simply don’t know what is available or even what to look for.

So, how do you find an insurance professional that works for you like the one that I described? When you are selecting your professional team; the attorney, accountant, bookkeeper, banker, website designer and even the licensing department inspector ask them who they recommend? Tell them the kind of professional that you are looking for, describe the attributes that I mentioned above and ask them if they know of anyone like that? I bet you will get many recommendations and I suggest that you research those agents to find the relationship that will benefit you the most.

Finally a really competent agent will also tell you if they have the expertise to handle your situation. We have guided clients to other agents that have  in depth knowledge in a field in which we are not experts. Your agent should always have your welfare forefront in their mind and make sure your are protected.


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