After the Fire, Debris Removal

This is the final component on my review of insurance for your building and personal property. Today, we are going to review a little known coverage – Debris Removal.

Let’s say that your building is a complete loss. It burned down or mostly burned down. The fire is out the fire department has concluded that it was an accident and the insurance company has indicated that it is covered.

Now, before the work begins to rebuild all of the debris from the old building needs to be removed. The entire site needs to be cleared and all toxic debris and chemicals removed. Who pays for this? If it is not in your insurance contract you may need to pay for it. Or, if it is included in the replacement cost value of your building and the cost to remove the debris is inordinately high it could affect the amount of funds available to rebuild.

Debris removal is one of the forgotten coverage’s.


Everyone focuses on replacement cost and making sure that you have enough coverage to replace your building and not on making sure that the debris from the old building can be adequately removed.

Look at your policy and find out what the policy terms are with regard to debris. Is extra coverage available or does the amount of debris come out of the replacement cost value? This is a very good time to discuss with your insurance agent as adequate coverage for debris removal is just as important as securing coverage for replacement cost and should be part of your overall goal to properly insure your building. Your agent can help you determine how much to estimate for removal of debris and include depending on how your policy is written separately under debris removal or as part of your replacement cost value.


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