Professional Advice for your Business – Putting Your Team Together

Your business is ready to go or even already up and running. What have I forgotten you might ask? Who is on my team of coaches? Who is on my side and  how do I select them?

Imagine a professional basketball team that goes onto the floor against their most ferocious competitor but just before the game they choose the team members randomly. The coach realizing there is a game today grabs a person off the street because they were there and asked if they could play and they said sure. The entire team is selected the same way. The team has never played together and there is no clear direction from the coach other than “go play”.

What do you think is going to happen when this unprepared and inexperienced team goes up against professionals who play together and practice regularly? I think it is clear that the team that is prepared, professional and is at the top of their game is going to dominate the team that is unprepared.

This wildly hypothetical situation is exactly the same when you form your business and compete in the marketplace against others who are more experienced and seasoned. The difference in success and failure depends on you and your preparation but also on the team of professionals that you select to help you with your business. Don’t cut corners when it comes to selecting your professional team (and I am not talking about money). Take the time to research and find your best (A) team before you jump into the market. If you try to select your professional team as you need them you will always be disappointed in your performance and the competitors in your marketplace will dominate you.

I think the sports analogy works, but you could also use the analogy of building a new structure. First you get the GM ( the architect ) then you hire the coach ( the general contractor ). Then with your input the hire the team ( the sub contractors ) Any way you look at it, the more work done a head of time the better the job ( business ) turns out.

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