Get Relevant, Get Advice From Your Clients & Peers!

Most successful businesses regularly talk with their clients and with their peers to make certain the product or service that they offer is still relevant. Have you ever completed a survey? It could be in writing, by phone or in person but the questions that you answer help the company determine what their clients and competitors think and feel about their products and services.

I know what you’re thinking, how hard could it be to know what my clients want? I offer child care services and that is what they are looking for. And, you would be right but what makes the difference between a dynamic child care business and one that is not? What is the difference between a child care business that can charge more than the others in its market place per child and still has a waiting list?

The difference is what makes that child care business unique and that child care business has discovered what the parents and guardians of the children truly want. Does that happen by accident? The answer is very seldom.

If you want your finger on the pulse of what your clients want for their children – ask them! Create a focus group among your clients and ask them to complete a survey. Create a focus group among other businesses in your community that are not in your field and ask them for their impressions of child care and what they believe the community needs and what child care businesses can do to help make their employees and clients more successful. Call your peers in the child care industry and ask them about their businesses and what the pressing concerns are and what the pressing concerns are among their clients. And, in time when you get your process down consider creating a focus group by invitation and ask them for their help to help you strategize for the future.

I realize that all of this communication takes work and you are probably stretched for time right now. But, the business that understands what the community wants tends to be the one that thrives. Think about this, what unique insights could you learn from your clients and the community that they need help with in regard to child care that is not being provided now?

 Creating focus groups and survey is not a one time process. Use it frequently to keep your business in the front of the market and you will be successful.

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