Health Insurance Friday the 13th The Sequel

Yes its Friday the 13th and we only have 10 more days to secure insurance for the January 1st start date.

The good news is that the Covered California web site is working better than ever. The bad news is that with all the people on it, it has shut down a few times. The information systems are also failing because of the high call volume. The phones and live chat have been hit or miss, still applications are getting processed and people or getting the acceptance notices.

Even if you are not going through the exchange the websites for Anthem have been taking a beating. They have  shut down several times in the past few days. We have been told that they are being strengthened and fixed this weekend.

We have had almost a constant stream of applicants using our computers to enroll and that has gone well. Questions can be answered and most of the time the computers and the websites are talking with each other. I can not stress enough, please do not wait until the  last day to sign up as you could be left out if the websites can't take the strain.

I  know there is a name to the fear of Friday the 13th but I am not worried. We are going to have a great day. Happy holidays


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