The Importance of Newsletters to your business

As a veterinary professional and a business that provides medical services you may wish to keep your business purely professional. Your clients come to you when they are in need and you provide medical services that protect, repair, cure and sometimes end of life. The animals in the lives of their owners are often members of the family and have a deep bond. The owners wish to take their animals and pets where they will be well treated but also where the owner can build a relationship and bond with the staff and doctor that care for their pet.

Your relationship with the pet is the first order of your business but how to create an ongoing relationship with the owner so they will value your service above anyone else and return time after time?

Creating a relationship with your clients is critical to  your business however how you maintain that relationship is often the difference between a successful practice and one that is not. You have had years of medical training to be at the peak of your performance and yet much of your business is also based on personal feelings. Having the right bedside manner has always been necessary for a successful practice but today communicating with your clients is more important than ever. One of the ways you can communicate with your clients is through a news letter.

Often, those businesses that do a newsletter fill the articles with topics from their industry. Speaking from an insurance background I am pretty excited to discuss coinsurance formulas but it is doubtful that my clients will be as excited to read them. The most successful newsletters are personal and discuss the lives of the staff and what happens on a daily basis at your veterinary practice. To deepen your relationship with your clients they want to know more about you.

This is also an excellent time to tell your clients and potential clients about all of the good that you do in your community. Share with them the time and materials that you have donated to the Spay and Neuter program, the money that you donated to the food bank. Talk about the animals at the local shelter and how everyone can help. Your clients are looking for a way to bond and you can do this through your newsletter.

In our nest installment we will discuss how to craft a newsletter and how to find the time to prepare one.






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