Homeowners Advice or a bit of insurance ahead of time.


Well it happened again last night. The power flickered and then went off. This time we came through it just fine. Last time the power went off it burned up a small motor in a refrigeration unit and no we could not prove it was the power companies fault.

What we had already done though saved us in several areas. We had placed almost all our electronics on uninteruptible power supplies (UPS). The units provide protection against sudden power spike when they are turning the power back on and those issues caused by low power. The cost of the units has really dropped, I think the last ones we purchased were under $50.00. Compare that to the cost of your television or computor.

Insurance can be purchased to provide coverage for equipment breakdown with several of our companies. The coverage is good but it has the same deductible as the house so it is usually $500 or $1000. It is still cheaper to be proactive.

Here is to not having to use the candles again anytime soon. Candle safety is being saved for another discussion.


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