How Do I handle my Child Care Charges? Do I Charge Hourly or Weekly?

We have found that our clients generally charge a weekly or monthly rate however we do have a few that charge services on an hourly rate. The hourly rate plan is a little more challenging to manage because you are constantly following the time of each of the children you provide care for. The benefit of the hourly rate is you have control over various additional charges such as early drop off, late pick up, after hours, holiday’s etc.

The majority of our clients work on a weekly or monthly rate and of this group the majority charge on a monthly rate. It is easier to manage and bill child care based on a weekly or monthly rate both for your business and for your clients. You can still charge an hourly rate for special services such as early drop off, late pick up etc. Just make certain that you explain clearly what your billing expectations are in your contract.

There is no one right answer and the choice of how you charge your clients will be based on what works best for you and your business and your clients. If a majority of your clients receive assistance from the government that may also impact how you choose your billing process

Deciding what works best for you and your clients should be fairly clear after a short time analyzing the pros and cons. Give us a call at 805-238-1818 for more information


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