To Accept Subsidies From The Government or Not

In California there are several subsidy programs that offer food, nutrition and services that you can use to enhance your business and lower your costs. Be prepared that when you accept these services you are also agreeing to follow the directives of these programs with regard to the children in your care. I have several clients who have bypassed these services and have accepted the extra costs because they believe firmly that they are providing a superior program without government support. I have one client who makes certain that all of the food prepared for her children is gluten free and free of all GMO. I have another client who runs her child care center based on biblical tenants.

This is not to say that accepting government support is bad but like all things it needs to be a business decision. Make certain that you understand your obligations and go back to your mission statement. Is accepting government help contrary to your mission statement or does it further support your mission statement?


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