Child Care and the Swimming Pool

If you operate a child care business out of your home and you are one of those lucky individuals who has a swimming pool your job is much more complicated than those who do not. In California there is no rule that prohibits child care and a swimming pool however you must follow the rules with regard to fencing and locking gates.


The challenge is that while the law doesn’t prohibit in home child care and a pool getting insurance is a different story. Insurance carriers, especially those with child care programs loath water of any kind. Just a plastic wading pool can be grounds for cancellation of your policy. Most of the specialty carriers who provide child care insurance specifically exclude insurance coverage for homes with pools regardless of the fencing and locking gates. The reason is that children die every year from drowning. Children are drawn to water they climb fences, squeeze through holes and unlock locks. Even in circumstances where you follow all the rules and have the required fencing and locking gate a child can still get in and a tragedy is only moments away.


You can get coverage for in home child care with a pool, it just costs more – yes, a lot more. Be sure that you declare the pool when you get child care insurance for your business. Failing to disclose that you have a pool can invalidate the insurance policy and in the event of a claim can lead to non-payment and cancellation.


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