Fire safety for the California Homeowner



It is a Monday. Got the call a client had a small fire at their building.  I went out and looked the situation over. It is all able to be fixed, but it could have been so much better.

We are not sure of the cause, but we are sure of the result. The fire started by a water tank and it damaged the water tank and the pressure pump. The main reason for the damage to the tank was the weeds had not been cleared around the tank. The tank being a plastic/rubber tank, it got hot and melted. It might have any way from the heat, but it had no chance with the weeds right next to it..

Take a look at your property, if some one threw a match out in front of you home what would happen. As a lot of my clients are in the country,  including myself, there is  the possibility of a fire taking off. Personnally I would lose a bunch of pasture and with the wrong wind direction some stored wood. The main things like the water system and outbuildings all have 100 foot clearance. I would not be put in the position of trying to get my water supply back together in a hurry..

For those of you in town. Look at what is stored along the side of your house. Is it combustible? If so, and a fire started it could do considerable damage to your house. Clear combustibles away from the house for safety.

Just passing on a bit of advice from the fire officer from this morning.


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