I just had an auto accident?


No , I did not have an auto accident, but had a client who did and it reminded me. What do I need to do in event of an auto accident in California.California auto insurance is the law but he are the particulars of what to do in an accident.

For this discussion we are going to assume there are no major injuries and the police and ambulance are not on scene.

First thing is to get the vehicles safely to the side of the road. We don't want to cause another incident

Second exchange the information with the other party. You should get the drivers liscence information and address. It is also very helpful to get as many phone numbers as possible but at least one. They should have their insurance card ( so should you ) and from that you can get the insurance carrier and policy number.

Thirdly pictures can be a big help. Cell phones with camers are wonderful for this. This documents the damage for later verification.

Next call your insurance company or your insurance agent and report the accident. With all the information you have gathered it should be an easy call. The company and the agency just want to get you back to where you were before the accident.

Alot of times the are no injuries at the accident scene, but some times aches and pains show up a couple of days later. That is because the adrenalan is pumping at the accident scene. You may not even realize that you are bruised. If you are feeling pain see the doctor and make sure nothing is going to cause you furthur problems

The biggest thing about the accident is keep your cool. You will remember to get all the information if you stay calm. It is called an accident  not an on purpose. No one wanted it to happen so stay as calm as you can and let the insurance company do the job you a paying them to do.




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