Holiday Ladder Safety

We here at Ted Hamm Insurance recognize the holidays bring several interesting and different challenges. Time to put up the decorations and that invlves using a ladder most times. First rule of ladder safety is to inspect your ladder. If the braces are damaged or broken don't use the ladder. Replace it right away. The rungs should be tight and have no cracks in them. Yes that means I go all the way back to wooden ladders. Once the inspection is complete, the second rule of safety is to make sure the ladder is set squrely on the ground or floor so that it will be balanced when you get on it. A step ladder shuld have all four brace points level and secure so the ladder doesn't wobble and fall over. As well as having the ladder square on the ground you should also be in the center of balance for the ladder. Don't reach out from the ladder to the point of being off balance. The fall doesn't hurt but the stoppong does. Finnally pay attention to what you are doing. My last ladder accident was because I forgot to check that last step and went off one to early. My ankle is still mad at me. With a little caution ladders are safe. Please use them as intended and follow the rules that are written on thme. Do not ever stand on the top step and make sure your ladder has the weight rating for you and the load you are carrying up on it. For more information contact us at 805-238-1818 or email us at ted@tedhamminsurance.com


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