Insurance Stinks Until You Need It!

Our adopted motto here at Ted Hamm Insurance is "Insurance Stinks Until you Need It" No statement is more true. I hate to pay my insurance bills as much as anyone, but here is my story. I went to a music rehearsal on a Tuesday evening and noticed my left leg was getting weak. Stubborn as I am, I went home thinking I had pulled something earlier. The next morning the leg was not working and the right leg was getting the same feeling. Off to the emergency room where the doctor was as confused as I was. Good doctor that he was he called in a specialist who on the spot told me I had Guillian Barre. Not a fun thought but lets get it treated and get out of here. Well over three days and several plasmapharisis treatments later, I was a lucky guy and ready to go home. No after effects fortunately, except for the bill. I paid the deductible and the co-payments and the insurance took care of the rest. Now for the interesting part, I tallied up all the health insurance premiums I had paid up to that point and realized that I had used in that one event every dollar of premium I had paid the company. Yes every dollar I had paid to that point was spent to take care of me. Commplaining about every health insurance premium no longer seemed to be such a good idea. I had read that 84% of the people with health insurance in a given year will not meet their deductible and 10 to 12% will get their premiums back plus alittle. That leaves the remainder to use all the rest of the insurance premiums for their catastrophic care. Bottom line I was very glad when My insurance took care of my needs. If you have a story about how insurance did its job for you let me know. We at Ted Hamm Insurance hope you don't need to use your insurance but if you do it will be there for you.


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