Farm ATV's, The hidden danger

Let's go huinting, Lets take the ranch ATV's and go up in the back country. Sounds like fun and happens all the time, but did you know that the farm policy no longer provides coverage for liability when the ATV leaves the property. Yes it is covered on the ranch after all it is a piece of ranch equipment. What do I do about it you may wonder. ATV's can be endorsed for recreational vehicle usage. The endorsement gives you that liability coverage off the ranch. Now that hunting trip is only a problem if you can't find any game. For those of you where the ATV never leaves the property this is not an issue. Check your policy to see how your ATV is covered. Also there are still a few three wheel ATV's out there. Did you know they are specifically excluded on most ranch policies. So if you have an old three wheeler, it would be a good time to retire it permanently and avoid an uninsured loss. Lastly, if you have employees using them, have that safety talk every once and awhile. You would be surprised at the number of worker compensation claims caused by the use of ATV's. Alot of them have to do with going too fast and/or inattention. A word every once and awile could help return the attention to where it belongs. From all of us here at Ted Hamm Insurance. Safe Off Roading!!


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