California Auto Insurance, Why rental re-imbursment

Rental Re-imbursement is an option for auto insurance that gets little mention and often is not explained to the client. For a small premium, you can get anywhere from $15 per day up to $90 per day for a replacement car, if you are in an accident.The coverage is usually only for 30 days. This is a re-imbursement coverage. You have to present the bills to the adjuster to get paid. It is regardless of fault, you cause the collision and your company pays for your rental. This can also apply if there is a question of liability and the other carrier does not offer any rental coverage for you. You can use your coverage until they get it resolved. Body shops are very good in this area but a major repair can still take most of the 30 days and cost you out of pocket without this endorsement. Many of my clients drive pickups and try renting one of those for a resonable price.Rental treimbursement can be a big help for the person needing a truck to survive. When should you not get this coverage. Some households have three or four cars and two drivers. Would you really need to have a car provided for you? Probably not and you could save that premium.It is a coverage I carry and hope to not use. Would it kill me to have to pay for my own rental. No, but there are other expenses at the time of a claim and I would not want the extra from a rental car. The limits provided vary from company to company so give us a call at 805-238-1818 and we will give you the options. We at Ted Hamm Insurance thank you for taking the time to read this information.


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