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 Homeowners can take a tip from commercial kitchens. There is now a product that I found  that acts like a commercial kitchen fire suppression system. The product is called Stove top Firestop  and it hangs above the stove. A grease fire will cause it to discharge a fire suppressant powder. The video of the product in action was most amazing. Fire leaping out of the pan on the stove followed by a puff of powder and no fire. They did not say how hard it was to clean up the powder but having seen a couple of kitchen fires, It has to be better than fire damage repair. The product is made by Willams-Pyro, Inc. A great name for some one in the fire suppression business. Insurers are beginning to take note and there is at least one company that will offer discounts to apartment complexes for having these installed. The product has a shelf life of five years and the discount over the years more than pays for the system. Inattention at the stove can cause a fire very quickly. Cooking the bacon, get distracted, step out of the room and when you come back the kitchen is a flame and full of smoke. It is so much better to have the piece of mind that a mistake will not cause major damage. Hope you find this interesting, We at Ted Hamm Insurance look for items that will make our life safer and we think this is a valuable addition to the list.


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