Central California Agriculture Insurance

Protecting The Agribusiness Companies For The Region

The agribusiness that operates in California is a mainstay of the states economy and provides food not only to the country but to the world. Agriculture Insurance is as complicated as the business that produce our food, help the farmers and ranchers to produce and finally to ship it to the final destination. Our state's agriculture is very diverse and thus takes an agency that knows your business to get the proper program in place. Our agribusiness leaders understand that crops must be produced efficiently with the use of technology, but the old abiding love of the land is still why they do it.

The growing investment of capital needed to produce crops must be protected. The Agricultural Insurance program must take everything into consideration. The program must be designed to protect and at the same time not break the bank. Our thirty plus year commitment to provide comprehensive insurance solutions to California farmers is the foundation of Ted Hamm Insurance Agency.

What's Covered?

Farming has always been a risky business. Factors come into play every day that cause challenges. We can deal with the weather, insects, or any number of natural catastrophes. Any one of these can destroy a crop and put the farmer in a bad financial situation. There are a variety of options available to farmers and ranchers so they can protect their bottom line in the event of a poor season or catastrophic natural event such as flood or drought.

  • Crop Insurance - A key element of risk reduction for farmers is Crop Insurance, which is subsidized and regulated by the USDA-Risk Management Agency. This coverage is an important tool in managing financial risk associated with farming, and is intended to help growers survive these disasters. The key is having the adequate amount of protection to assure the farmer has the necessary cash flow to continue in business. This form of Agriculture Insurance is available for many crops and for pasture.
  • Livestock Insurance - Livestock ranching is just as risky. Dealing with wildly fluctuating prices, reduced yields and the ability to find grazing. Livestock are also subject to the great escape. Claims for livestock on the roadway have led to some very large dollar settlements. The ability to insure your livestock can help offset these risks.
  • Business Property Insurance - Your agribusiness has buildings important to your operation and the contents, equipment, supplies in them. These are the items that a fire or windstorm can damage and put you out of business for a time. According to Murphy's law, this will happen at exactly the very worst time, right when the harvest is coming in. A risk assessment can be done to let you know exactly what risk you are facing and what your Agricultural Insurance policy can do to soften the blow.
  • Liability Insurance - Last but maybe the most important. Many of us could stand the loss of a building but not a million dollar claim from a liability claim. We can protect not only your liability from owning the land but also the product you produce and your method of distribution

This is just a very small sampling of what is available to protect your ranch. A complete protection review will determine the coverage's that fit your needs. A strawberry grower, a cattle ranch and a vineyard have significantly different exposures. We have experience with these types of properties in fact we protect avocado orchards, almond and walnut orchards, blue berries and strawberries, sheep, cattle and horses, even poultry and vegetables going to farmers markets. We want to provide you the Agricultural Insurance coverage you deserve. We insure ranches and farms from the Oregon border all they way to the Mexican border from the Pacific ocean to the Nevada border.

You can expect excellent service from Ted Hamm Insurance Agency, our dedicated agribusiness underwriters and risk control specialists, and even the claim adjusters. We will protect your future so either fill out the form or give us a call. We will get right to work for you.