Central California Commercial Property Insurance

Our businesses are made up of many things that we need to operate. One of those items is our business property. We have computers, furniture, and other equipment that are vital to our business. Protecting your self against the loss of your inventory or building is a simple step. Commercial Property Insurance can protect the business from fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism and many other types of loss. Each business has their own particular type of risk and the things that are most important to them. For instance an insurance agency is dead without phones and computers. An auto body shop can not last long without a functional paint booth. What is your biggest nightmare?

One of our clients biggest nightmares: "I can get going after a fire if I have the right amount of coverage, but where will I go?" A well crafted Business Property Insurance policy can even provide loss of income and extra expense to assist with the move and provide some cash to keep you going. We can't promise the building to move into but with the funds available we can be sure you are ready to start up again quickly.

It's not always the biggest piece of equipment or the building that are the key to survival. Ted Hamm Insurance Agency has a client with a very important piece of equipment to his business and it is the size of a small suitcase. Loss of that piece of equipment would shut them down. So when we think about your Commercial Property Insurance we are thinking about the items that mean the most to you. You decide where the insurance dollars are used.

Business property policies a very diverse and so each one is designed for the client. One size fits all does not work here. We choose companies that demonstrate their commitment to handling the claims quickly. We know you need to get back in business as soon as you can. The one thing that could delay you is access to the funds to purchase the replacement or do the rebuilding

Ted Hamm Insurance Agency builds specialized Commercial Property policies to cover the property you need to protect. Rates are not as high as you might think and the proper coverage may not break the budget at all.

Central California Business Property Insurance is readily available for most classes of business. You can protect your equipment, furniture, supplies and any improvements you made to the building. Check your contract, those walls you put up may not be covered by the landlord and are your responsibility. If that is the case a fire could leave you with out the coverage you need to rebuild your portion of the building the way it was.

Why should you do something right now? Here are a couple of reasons

  1. The coverage you have today may not be the coverage you really need. Let us take a look at your current Business Property Insurance polciy and make sure it is what you need.
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