Central California Crop Insurance

Insurance to protect you against mother nature

California is a great place to grow crops and raise livestock. We produce a more diverse group of crops than any other state. We grow everything from A to Z, artichokes to zinnias. With that broad of range of crops it is very likely that the weather that helps one crop could hurt another. Mother nature throws all kinds of weather at our crops and without MPCI (or Multi-Peril Crop Insurance) as a buffer, it could wipe you out.

Weather events in the spring can mean no crop in the fall. There are programs that provide coverage for the lack of crop production. For example wine grapes, if your actual average production is 4 tons to the acre. You can buy protection that pays you for any yield less than 2 tons per acre all the way up to 3.2 tons per acre. You can pick the protection that is best for you and fits in the overall budget.

There is even a program that pays you based on the failure of price. If the revenue for the farm falls below a certain threshold, your Crop Insurance policy pays a claim. These revenue programs can even pay in event of a big harvest if the price falls leaving you short of your projected income.

For these programs, you are rewarded for your good farming practices. The numbers are based on your actual yields or revenues to establish the amount of insurance available. Good records and good results are rewarded with the highest guarantees and the best per acre cost.

For the ranchers there is a program that pays for lack of rainfall for the pastures. Rainfall is the most important component in grass production for the pastures that we depend upon. The California MPCI program pays if the rainfall is less than the guarantee. The money paid by the program can help with supplemental feeding programs.

Ted Hamm Insurance Agency: Your Crop Insurance Professionals

The program changes every year, so even if you have coverage already it is a good idea to meet with your agent annually. Ted Hamm Insurance Agency send out the updates every year in our crop newsletter so that you are informed regularly. The United States Department of Agriculture runs these insurance programs. As they a very strict on guidelines and compliance it is good to have your crop agent up to date on the changes. We attend training classes at least twice a year and read the notices sent out by the USDA to stay informed

Call us today to get the coverage to keep you growing. We will be happy to spend the time with you to build the very best protection plan available. MPCI is a very important part of our business. It is important to us because we know how important it is to you. We are looking forward to talking with you.