Central California Contractors Insurance

Building is starting to pick up again and that means new and hopefully larger jobs. The insurance you have right now may not be the insurance you need for the new contracts. That new multi-year commercial deal is a far cry from the small jobs that have been available. Growth also leads to more complex projects and these are both interesting and exciting. The one thing you should not be worrying about during this time in your career is your Contractors Insurance package and whether it is keeping up.

As a contractor you are responsible for the work getting done correctly.You make sure your employees are trained and In fact, you require all your subs to provide you with insurance on their work. Ted Hamm Insurance Agency wants to make sure that your work is covered correctly and that the subs policies protect you as well. We will not only work with you but we will look at your subs policies to see if there are any holes to worry about.

Here is what we think are some of the important items to review:

  • Liability Insurance - for both injury and property damage while on the jobsite and after the work is completed
  • Workers Compensation - For your employees protection not to mention the ability to keep your license
  • Bonds - for both your license and for performance bonding to guarantee the job completion
  • Trucks and other Commercial Vehicles - Your fleet of vehicles need to have liability and physical damage protection and that includes your mobile equipment
  • Builders Risk - We can also cover what you are building so that as the risk goes up so does your protection. This can be a very good way to provide that security for your client so they are comfortable as well.

Missing any one of the above items could leave you holding the bag. A complete Contractors Insurance review is one way that Ted Hamm Insurance Agency establishes the proper protection for each California contractor. While as a contractor you may operate in different trades your needs your insurance needs are still both similar and diverse. We have the experience to ask the questions that will get you the coverage you need without the fluff you may not.

Margins are always important to our contractors and it is our goals that with a policy designed for you, that we are able to get you a price that fits. A custom built Contractors policy, gives you the control of the types and amounts of coverage.You get to pay for the coverage you actually need. A complete policy can be very affordable and downright cheap if there is ever a claim that needs to be paid.

Here are a few reasons to act now!

  1. If you get started now you are ready for your next job with the knowledge that you have the right coverage
  2. Protection is only as good as the last conversation you had with your insurance carrier. We know things change on a regular basis. We will up date your insurance to protect the operation you are today.
  3. Its easy! Just fill out the form and we will get back with you to get the process started. A conversation with you, a conversation with the insurance company and we are on the way to providing you with the policy and the service you deserve.