Central California Farm Insurance

Our Farms and Ranches Are Our Security!

We believe that statement 100%. Without the farmers that grow the food and the ranchers that raise the livestock we would be in trouble. Food isn't just packages that show up in the supermarket. I know because having grown up on a farm I know the work that goes into everything that comes off the farm. From bucking hay to harvesting grain, It is enjoyable but hard work. We put all that love for farming into our farm insurance policies

We insure farms and ranches and have done so since 1977. You can take the boy off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the boy. Think I heard that somewhere. From growing grapes to raising livestock, our agents have done it. When they write a ranch insurance policy they understand the risks you face.

Ted Hamm Insurance Agency provides Farm and Ranch Insurance from a very select group of companies. Our farm policies can cover most types of risk. We can cover the house, the barns, the outbuildings the equipment and most importantly the liability. Farming has added many exposures in the last couple of decades. To make ends meet and provide some extra security for the cash flow, we now have hunting, trail rides, pumpkin patches and hayrides. The old farm policies just said no to those coverage's. Now we have markets that say yes.

What we spend a lot of time on with our clients is getting to know what is being done on the property. What are the things we need to make sure are covered to provide the protection needed. We are the devils advocate if you will, trying to see what could happen and then making sure to protect you. In the insurance world there are many ways for a policy to not address what you are doing. These protection gaps can have very serious consequences and could cost you money, time or even the farm.

We suggest that you read your policy but that is what we do best. So bring in what you have and we will go through it for you. A couple hours of reading could save you a problem later. If you have started a new project since you took out your insurance policy you should give us a call as to how that effects your insurance.

All of the agents in our office have farming experience. We have worked on the land, we have sweated the weather and we understand what it is like. Not only that we have all taken advanced training for Crop Insurance and have either started or completed agribusiness insurance designations.

A list of coverage's that you could have on your policy include your home, the shops and barns, your pump and irrigation equipment, all the mobile equipment ( tractors, harvesters etc.) hay and feed, fuel, tools and supplies, fencing and vines and the many different types of liabilities that you face

Ted Hamm Insurance Agency: Your Insurance Professionals

Since 1977, the insurance veterans at Ted Hamm Insurance Agency have provided Central California Farm Insurance for big and small farm operations all over the Central Coast area. We are known as reliable, competent and knowledgeable about Ranch Insurance. We keep up on your protection-related issues and are trained to know all of the latest technological advances in the industry.

Please complete the form or give us a call. You will receive the very best service from one of our Crop Insurance specialists. Together, we will discuss your current farm protection needs and make any changes that are needed to give you peace of mind. Hopefully the only thing left to worry about is the weather..