Central California Group Health Insurance

The landscape has changed for Group Health Insurance. The Affordable Care Act has changed all the rules and while still may have a grandfathered plan it would be a very good idea to review what you have. The new law has changed most of what we used to know about Employee Benefits. The insurance experts at Ted Hamm Insurance Agency have spent countless hours examining the changes so that we can help you make informed decisions.

Are you paying too much for your Group Health Insurance? You might be. and you will not know unless you review your coverages. With the new options available to you are you better off with a new plan or keep your old one for another year?

Employee Benefits is a very large perk to the employee and an employee retention device for the employer. Part of a great group plan offering is letting the employee know what they are getting and what it equals to in a per hour benefit. This is something that gets overlooked a lot.

There is a law exists that says you have to provide it if you have over 50 employees or pay a fine. Check with your accountant there may be some nice tax savings for providing a plan.

Health insurance being what it is, still commands a serious review annually. The premiums have gone up and the benefits have changed. Spending time with one of our health care professionals can set your mind at ease. We want you to know that you got the best plan for the price that suits you. The insurance benefits can be tailored to give you what you need for your situation.

Ted Hamm Insurance Agency has provided Employee Benefits for the forward thinking businesses of Paso Robles, California since 1977. We keep up with the changing landscape of health insurance so that you don't have too. We have spent countless hours examining the new group health care plans and will continue to do so plans and laws continue to change.

You need to review your group health policy every year. Each year brings new challenges that need to be met. So, complete the Quote Form above today and we will help your employees through the next open enrollment period. We will contact you to discuss those items important to you and get you quotes that will satisfy your needs