Central California Janitorial Insurance

We recognize the work you do! Our office is clean on Monday when we come in. You have put in the time to make sure everything is just right. The work does not go unnoticed, but does your insurance notice you? There are so many things that can cause you problems. A handle that slips and knocks over a valuable item or the floor is a bit damp and some one slips.

One of the things that makes your business different is that you are not working in your own office. Every job you do is on someone's property. This puts you at additional risk as you can not control what happens there in your absence.

You have your own requirement that need protection. Things that must be considered for your Janitorial Insurance include such items as:

  • General Liability Insurance to protect you from accidents and property damage at the jobsite, This even covers you after you have completed your work and gone home.
  • Commercial Property Insurance for your building and your equipment. As the equipment moves from job site to job site there is a risk not only on the job but in transit. We have a Custodian Insurance policy for that.
  • Janitorial Bonds, for protection if you are informed one of your employees took an item from the job. You monitor them but can not see everything or maybe the client just thought that they took it.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance, Your auto coverage should be on a commercial policy especially if you have employees driving the vehicle

Central California Janitorial Insurance is a great value. We have several carriers that specialize in this coverage, and their rates are very reasonable!

Custodian Insurance is available to all owners of businesses, both the one man shop and the 100 employee operations. Your policy will protect you and your employees from the hazards that you face.

Three reasons why you should call Ted Hamm Insurance Agency today!

  1. If you don't have coverage now, we can solve that in less than a day and the next job you go to will be a n insured job
  2. There a special risks for your operations that we have insured for years.We are experienced and want to give you the proper protection right away
  3. We have insurance carriers asking us for your business. They have demonstrated that they are willing to provide insurance at great rates.

One story that always comes to mind when I think of Custodian Insurance. As a lad (and yes, that would be a few years ago), I was walking across a floor not knowing it was still damp and took a step that had me skidding. Well as a kid I thought it was great fun and I didn't fall. Had it been today the outcome might have been greatly different and without the balance I used to have I might have fallen. Hopefully I would not get hurt, but you get the idea. It could have been expensive.