Central California Restaurant Insurance

The restaurant business is a business that operates from recipes. You can 't leave out an ingredient and get the same results. The same is true for your insurance package, if you leave of a protection you could have a very different result in a claim situation. Don't overlook a critical piece of your protection package and expose your restaurant to unneeded risks. We have a recipe that will provide you with the Restaurant Insurance package that you need. We will spend the time with you to exam the risks that are specific to you and design a plan to mitigate them.

The Central Coast Food Service Insurance Program provides the protection that keeps your restaurant in business in event of a loss. Insurance can be provided to cover Business Property Insurance, liability insurance, Workers Comp, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, liquor legal and business interruption insurance. Having the right protection is the only guarantee that your loss is going to be covered to your best benefit. Loss potential can be reduced but not avoided completely. Give Ted Hamm Insurance Agency a call today to get our protection team on the job.

A Central California Restaurant Insurance policy is an important part of any business plan. Protection can be provided for the following items and many more:

  • General Liability and Liquor Liability to protect you from an injury to one of your customers
  • Property coverage to protect your building and the equipment you own including the tables chairs and silver.
  • Business interruption should you have to close the doors because of a covered loss. Money to help pay the employees and make up for lost revenue
  • Food Contamination or spoilage in event the power goes out or the compressors fails and you have to throw away your product
  • And many other coverage's to protect you against loss including such things as money and securities

Your Food Service Insurance policy will be like no other because your needs are different. Just like your recipe,s they are made to fit your needs, Your insurance policy will be crafted to match your protection needs. We can insure the café to the fanciest establishment and we have been doing that for over 35 years.

Choose Ted Hamm Insurance Agency For Your Restaurant's Coverage!

  1. Before that next entrée is delivered to the table, we can determine a Food Service Insurance plan that will serve you needs. Well, maybe not that quick. But we are able to access several companies and give you a quote almost immediately. After our in depth study of your business we will get the work done quickly
  2. We have a large number of insurers that like the restaurant businesses. This allows use to get the very best price for you and thus assure that you do not over pay. Fill out the form or call us today..