Central California Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation, mandated by the law and set in the favor of the employee. So where does that leave us?

This coverage protects your employee from the financial loss from being injured on the job. He or she can't work and take home a pay check. It also protects you because as an employer you are responsible for that benefit and the state will make sure the employee gets paid.

So if its mandatory where do we come in. Although all Workmans Comp policies have the same language, not all policies are equal. There are insurers that do a much better job at managing and paying claims. This works to your benefit as it keeps the overall cost down long term. There are also insurers that like specific types of risk and do them very well. This again is a benefit to you as a company that understands your business can do a better job protecting you.

Workers Comp rates are like a yo-yo sometimes going down and sometimes going up as the claims being submitted decrease or increase in size. New laws have been put in place that might help costs in check. The biggest thing is looking at the market place and determining that which is best for you.

Seeking to reduce your insurance bills? One of the best ways is to truly examine your Workers Compensation. Have your claims been closed, Are they correctly recorded. or is your modification correct. These are all things that we can help you determine.

Act now and contact Ted Hamm Insurance Agency. Having insured businesses in the Paso Robles area since 1977, we can help save you a substantial amount of money by examining the following four areas as they pertain to your business:

  • Rates: Once again, Workmans Comp rates are not established by the state in California. Depending on carrier, insurance companies can apply deviations, premium discounts or schedule credits to their standard rate. The more they want your business the harder they work to gain it. We work hand in hand with you to present to the company the reasons they should really want your business.
  • Premium Audit: Every year end there is a premium audit. We will make sure you are properly classified and that your records are proper to receive the most advantageous payroll calculations and classes. We will fight to get and keep you classed correctly.
  • Experience Mod: If you qualify for an experience modification, we will help to make sure it is accurate. A modification up or down can mean thousands of dollars to you.
  • Loss Control: Finally, our companies have loss control or risk management programs which will help to avoid injuries to your employees. They will study the safety features used on your premises and make recommendations for improvement if needed.

Why Ted Hamm Insurance Agency?

Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible policy at the best possible price. We can only do that by being proactive with both our clients and our insurers. Fill out the request form and we will contact you promptly to begin the process of matching you with the best available insurance carrier.

Workers Comp is an important part of your business and we will see to it that you have the very best.