California Crop Insurance

The Protection For California Growers

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance provides protection for loss of crop due to many different types of weather problems. Your Grapes or avocados can be hammered by a freeze, grain suffers with the lack of rain and on and on.The inputs into your crops every year are expensive and can disappear without some form of protection if the crop fails. Savvy growers have been using this program to balance the risk of crop failure against production costs that continue on even in event of a poor yield.

The Federal Crop Insurance Program provides protection for crops on a county by county basis. Each county has a list of crops that are insurable. That list can be found by calling us at 805-238-1818 or going to the RMA website. There is also the ability for the MPCI companies to request an agreement to add crops that are in neighboring counties. We have been very successful at requesting exceptions to add coverage.

Crop Insurance gives the grower the ability to buy anywhere from 50% of their average yield all the way to 85% on some crops. The grower also has the choice of using the federal crop price per ton or box, etc. or applying their own contract price up to 100% more than the government price on grapes. The government price is based prior to the growing year and reflects the thought of what the price will be in the coming year. The crops premium is based on a per acre cost and is subsidized by the government. The is also a catastrophe plan that uses 50% of your yield and 55% of the guaranteed crop price.This program has an administration fee of $300.00 and no per acre fee.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance in California is a valuable building block for risk protection. It can keep a farm in business during a bad year and it tends to balance the highs and lows of cash flow .Learn more by giving us a call at 805-238-1818.

SALES CLOSING DATES - the last day to purchase new policies, make certain changes, add a crop or variety, cancel or transfer existing policies

GRAIN October 31, 2017
CITRUS November 20, 2017 (for the 2018 bloom 2019 harvest)
AVOCADOS November 30, 2017 (for the 2018 bloom 2019 harvest)
WINE GRAPES January 31, 2017
WINE GRAPES January 31, 2017
APPLES January 31, 2017
WHOLE FARM REVENUE February, 29, 2017

Don't forget that MPCI is an eligibility requirement for other certain USDA Farm Service Agency programs. The SURE program with the Farm Service Agency has a component that integrates with your policy. It is also possible that any disaster program payouts may have Multi-Peril Crop Insurance requirements. The Farm Service agency works with the crop insurance program by maintaining the forms that are needed to be eligible for the Federal subsidies.

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