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Medical insurance is a hot topic today, but there is no reason to wait until January 2014 to get or change a health plan. Now is a good time to start your medical insurance planning. New information comes out daily and we can help you understand your options. Check out the offerings from Anthem, Blue Shield and Health Net.

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Health Insurance for the Global Traveler

HTH Worldwide's family of health plans feature international medical assistance services providing unsurpassed dentists. Comprehensive benefits covering chronic conditions to emergency evacuations in all corners of the world

  • 24/7 telephone and web-based medical assistance
  • TripProtector comprehensive travel plan to protect your vacation investment
  • Trip cancellation/interruption benefits including financial default for all travel suppliers
  • Pre-existing conditions waived if purchased prior to final trip payment
  • Up to $250,000 in medical protection and $1,000,000 medical evacuation

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Health & Money and The New Affordable Health Care Act

Health Insurance has gone nuts. With all the changes that are going on we are getting updates daily. The new affordable health Care act has changed everything. Soon, October 1st, We will be able to enroll everyone for health insurance. Few if any health questions asked. Everyone will get coverage effective January 1. That being said we are seeing eased underwriting with the health carriers and It might be a good time to get health insurance now.

  • There are plenty of uninsured Californians.If you’re one of them then you know unexpected medical bills can have a devastating impact on your life. Health insurance is designed to help you pay for care. It protects you and your family financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury. Health care is not cheap.
  • You have one way of balancing out the possibility of crushing medical bills and that is health insurance.It is not possible predict what your medical bills will be.With health insurance, you will know that you are protected from most of these costs. Do not wait until you or a family member become seriously ill to try to purchase medical insurance.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

The individual medical insurance market has been turned on its ear. We have not yet seen the new plans but have been given an idea of what they will be. Four sets of plans with variable in each. Call us at Ted Hamm Insurance for the new updates.

Why work with Ted Hamm Insurance? Because we are an independent agency offering health insurance quotes and online applications from multiple health insurance companies. We are here to sit down with you and explain the coverage and changes that are on the way. We believe in total transparency. Compare options and then apply online from the convenience of your own home or office. The pros at Ted Hamm Insurance will help you choose from:

  • HMO plans: An HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, is a specific type of health care plan that sets out guidelines under which doctors can operate. These are effective plans but not available in all areas. On average, health care coverage through the use of an HMO costs less than comparable traditional health insurance.
  • Major Medical:These plans use provider networks and we will help you find the plan your doctor is member of.The plan provides benefits for most types of medical expenses.. Major medical offers more complete coverage with few gaps.It does not have a maximum lifetime limit any more. All policies have a stop-loss feature which allows you know what your maximum medical expense could be.

Ted Hamm Insurance

Since 1977, Ted Hamm Insurance has been a leading California-based insurance advisor for individuals, families, and small businesses. We have earned a high level of respect for our service with our clients and insurance carriers. So what are you waiting for? You owe it to your health to complete the free, no-obligation form on this page today.